All teas come from two subspecies of shrubs: Camellia Sinensis and Camelia Assamica. The way in which the leaves are processed following harvest will produce different types of tea: white , green , oolong , black and pu-erh . White tea is simply withered and dried, green is withered, rolled then dried (avoiding any oxidation), oolong is withered, rolled, partially oxidized and dried and black tea goes through the entire process and is fully oxidized. Pu-erh tea undergoes anaerobic fermentation (without oxygen).

You will find great vintages of different kinds of teas: white teas , green teas , oolong teas , black teas , Pu-erh teas and smoked teas . Each harvest we offer has been carefully tasted and selected by our team. Like a sommelier who selects the best wines for his customers. In addition, we are proud to offer you a complete range of aromatic creations signed by our House. From Earl Gray to Moroccan Mint tea and the famous jasmine teas . Flavored white teas , scented green teas , scented oolong teas , scented black teas .

"The wisdom of the whole universe is in a cup of tea" - Tuareg proverb.

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