Oolong tea

Original Oolong teas (Taiwan, China, Thailand) and flavored Oolong teas . Oolong are exceptional teas with amber liqueurs. Oolong tea or Wu Long (乌龙, literally black dragon) also called blue-green tea, is a tea of Chinese origin (from Fujian and Taiwan) whose whole leaves have the particularity of being withered and slightly rolled to promote their oxidation. Halfway between green tea (unfermented) and black tea (completely fermented), oxidation will give the tea its characteristic dark color and develop a great complexity of new aromas.

After withering, the leaves are partially fermented either in the Chinese way between 12 and 20% or in the Formosa/Taiwan way between 60 and 70%. Each method is used in both Taiwan and mainland China.

The taste of Oolong is a perfect balance between the floral scents of green teas and the round, deep aroma of black teas. It is characterized by voluminous and always whole leaves. A slightly caramelized flavor emerges from the infusions, the color of which varies from light orange brown to amber brown.

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