Cold tea preparation

How to Prepare Homemade Ice Tea?

There are two ways to prepare a delicious cold tea: either by making it traditionally, hot, and then quickly cooling the infusion, or by directly infusing your tea cold (cold brew). All the details and tips are provided below!

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Ice Tea: Standard Infusion

Prepare your tea as usual. To learn how to do this, refer to our page: 'How to Make Tea.' To get a good cold tea, immediately cool the tea as soon as it's brewed by adding ice cubes and/or putting it in the fridge. This rapid cooling effect helps preserve the tea's structure and taste. Gradually refreshing tea will lose its flavor.

Ice Tea: Cold Brew Infusion

Cold brew infusion is not much different from the hot preparation but reveals a softer and more refreshing range of flavors. To compensate for the low water temperature, the tea should be infused longer. We recommend waiting at least 3 hours for an infusion in the refrigerator. The infusion can be extended without worry as the tea's bitterness will develop very slowly. Use approximately 8 to 10 grams of tea leaves per liter.

Hario Cold Brew Bottle for Cold Tea

For easy preparation of cold brew with loose tea, we recommend Hario's Cold Brew bottles. Specifically designed for this purpose, these carafes combine utility with elegance. The integrated filter in the lid allows you to serve the cold tea without the leaves falling into the cup. Simply place the tea in the bottle, fill it with cold water, refrigerate it for a few hours, and enjoy.

A small tip: when the bottle is half empty, add cold water to fully enjoy your tea leaves. Every two to three days, empty the bottle and the leaves. Clean before the next use. The lid and bottle can be washed in the machine.

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Find our selection of teas that are perfectly suited for making homemade ice teas.

Ideal Kit for Ice Teas

This set contains a Hario Cold Brew bottle and three teas that we particularly recommend for unparalleled refreshment!

Pre-portioned servings for 1 liter of pre-sweetened cold tea

We also offer pre-dosed and pre-sweetened sachets for homemade cold tea portions between 1 liter and 1.5 liters.

To prepare, simply place one sachet (already in a sachet) in a carafe of the right size. Fill with cold water and stir. Let it infuse overnight in the fridge, then remove the sachets and stir again.

Our packages contain 8 portions of 1L - 1.5L and are available for OK - Ice tea, peach-lemon flavored black tea base, and Farandole, mango-bergamot flavored green tea base.

The sugar dosage allows for flavorful homemade cold teas less sweet than those found in stores. If you prefer it less concentrated in sugar, add more water. For unsweetened cold tea, refer to the techniques explained above.

Which Teas are Best for Cold Brewing?

All teas can be made as cold tea. Therefore, don't hesitate to experiment with your favorite teas. That said, we particularly recommend the following teas:

Farandole : A tea that will make you want to dance! Its floral and fruity flavor with citrus and mango notes takes us to a lively and sparkling universe. Developed on a base of Japanese Sencha green tea adorned with rose petals, sunflower blossoms, cornflowers, and aromas. When cold-infused, the combination of green tea and fruits produces an extremely fresh and refreshing tea!

OK - Ice Tea : For lovers of classic cold tea. This black tea with peach and lemon never disappoints.

Solstice d'été : This rare unfermented green rooibos blends with cactus flowers for a cocktail with exotic scents and immense freshness. Enjoyable both hot and cold. Infusion based on green rooibos from South Africa, cactus flowers, cornflowers, and aromas.

Babouchka :  This blend marries Ceylon black tea with the flavors of seven citrus fruits: bergamot, lemon, lime, sweet and bitter orange, mandarin, and grapefruit. It perfectly complements afternoon tea, whether infused hot or cold.

Buchu Plus : Taste the South African elixir. Composed of Buchu, a plant with many virtues (it is recommended especially in case of cystitis), this tonic herbal tea with raspberry notes will put you back on track. Infusion made with apple pieces, blackberry leaves, hibiscus flowers, aronia pieces, raspberry (raspberry, sugar), goji berry, buchu leaf (8%), sunflower petals, and aromas. It provides a wonderful "cold tea" with red fruit flavors, caffeine-free.

Kukicha : Japanese green teas work well for cold infusions. So, we encourage fans of this type of tea to try! For example, with Kukicha, which is very suitable with its green and vibrant flavors.

How to Make Cold Matcha?

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The only tea you can instantly prepare cold is matcha because it's a powdered tea that mixes directly with water.

Matcha is readily prepared with cold water. To do this, prepare the matcha as usual, all our explanations can be found here: "How to Prepare Matcha Tea", but simply with cold water. You can even add ice cubes to make it even more refreshing!

How long can I keep my cold tea in the fridge?

We recommend a duration of 2 to 3 days if it is kept in an airtight container in the fridge.

Is there less caffeine in cold tea than in hot tea?

It depends. If the tea is infused hot and then cooled, there will be the same concentration of caffeine in the beverage. If the tea is cold-infused, the caffeine will be extracted more slowly from the leaves. However, as cold infusions take longer, it's challenging to determine if the caffeine level is significantly lower. The simplest solution if you're looking to avoid the caffeine stimulation is to prepare cold infusions with herbal teas or fruits, such as Buchu Plus or Reflet Rubis, for example.

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