Flavored teas


The art of scented tea is knowing how to balance the scents of flowers, fruits and aromas with that of tea.

The basic tea must have a good quality to give its part of taste to the mixture. The balance only appears at the time of infusion and therefore makes the choice more difficult. Unfortunately many flavored teas on the market have an inferior tea base.

There are different approaches and manufacturing methods.

Scented flower tea

Scented teas such as jasmine, rose or lotus have been drunk for a very long time in China (Song dynasty). Tea has the ability to absorb odors well. The flowers (jasmine, rose, lotus, etc.) are picked at the most appropriate time and added to the base tea for half a day so that it is imbued with their aromas. To obtain the required quality the process can be repeated up to 7 times. At the end the flowers are completely or partially removed. The tea is then dried a second time. This natural and ancestral technique ensures unparalleled finesse.

Flavored teas with natural flavors or not...

Some natural aromas can, mixed with tea, give it enchanting scents. Unfortunately not all fruit and flower flavors are available in natural form. There are aspects of stability, taste and cost that require the use of synthetic flavor to obtain certain flavors.

We strive to have many flavored teas made with natural flavors, even if the cost is higher. We are happy to advise you on this type of product.

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