How to prepare Matcha tea?

What is Matcha?

Matcha (抹茶, literally 'ground tea') is a powdered green tea, originally used for the famous the tea ceremony in Japan. The tea leaves are ground into a fine powder that doesn't steep but needs to be mixed with water at a maximum of 60°C and whisked. Traditionally, the Chawan (茶碗 - bowl), Chashaku (茶杓 - bamboo spoon), and Chasen (茶筅 - bamboo whisk) are used to achieve a uniform and frothy matcha. Matcha is believed to be beneficial for both physical fitness and concentration. Its use has expanded worldwide, from ceremonial tasting to making confectionery.

Préparation du matcha

Equipment and ingredients needed for its preparation:

  1. A Chawan (茶碗) - a high-sided Matcha bowl. Whether artisanal or industrial, it's important that the edges are significantly high to whisk and froth the Matcha.
  2. A Chashaku (茶杓) - a small bamboo Matcha spoon.
  3. A Chasen (茶筅) - a traditional whisk made from a single piece of bamboo.
  4. Quality Matcha - There is a wide variety of Matcha available today, ranging from mediocre to the most refined. Our "Organic Imperial Matcha" is a ceremonial grade Matcha (the very best), while our  "Organic Matcha", more versatile, offers high-quality Matcha at an excellent price-to-quality ratio.
  5. Water with low limescale  - Depending on the desired preparation, it can be either cold or heated to a maximum of 60 degrees Celsius (°C).

How to prepare Matcha?

Here are five steps for easily preparing Matcha. These steps are based on the Usucha technique in Japan, which creates an airy drink. It is the most common and popular way of preparing Matcha. For Matcha enthusiasts, you can also try the Koicha technique, using more Matcha, less water, and without frothing. This results in a very dense, flavorful drink full of umami.

méthode simple préparer matcha


Place one to two Matcha spoons at the bottom of the bowl (approx. 2-3g). Adjust the quantity according to your preferences.

comment préparer le matcha


Pour a bit of water and gently mix the Matcha powder with the whisk until you obtain a slightly thick, homogeneous texture. This step ensures a creamy drink without lumps.

recette matcha


Add approx. 70 ml of 60°C water for a traditional Matcha or cold water for an iced Matcha. Be careful not to use boiling water, as it would immediately create too much bitterness.

faire un matcha maison


Vigorously whisk in a "M" shape until a beautiful foam with clear froth is achieved.

preparer facilement un thé vert matcha


Traditional Matcha is enjoyed as is. You can add more water according to your taste. For a Matcha Latte, add milk or plant-based milk to your Matcha, the foam will stay on top of the drink. Finally, for an iced Matcha, add one or two ice cubes.

There you have your Matcha ready to be enjoyed with serenity!

Our video on how to prepare Matcha (in French)

Our Matchas and gift sets

Our tea house offers top-quality Matcha from the finest gardens in Japan. We also sell sets including all the necessary equipment for Matcha preparation.

cadeau matcha

Matcha Serving Set

This inexpensive set provides everything needed for Matcha preparation: an elegant ceramic Chawan (Matcha bowl), a Chasen (bamboo whisk), and a Chashaku (bamboo spoon). Ideal for starting to prepare your Matcha at home.

set service matcha

Gift Set - Matcha Set

This refined set offers our best Matcha - the Imperial Matcha - along with all the traditional utensils necessary for its preparation: a handmade Japanese Matcha bowl, a Chasen (bamboo whisk), and a Chashaku (bamboo spoon). A gift that will delight both novices and tea ceremony specialists.

matcha première qualité suisse

Imperial Matcha

This vintage Matcha comes from controlled natural cultivation in the traditional gardens of Kagoshima. Harvested from the first Tencha crops, it follows the age-old method of great traditional Matchas.

acheter matcha suisse

Organic Matcha

This powdered Japanese green tea, produced through controlled natural production, is of very high quality, with creamy vegetal flavors. An excellent price-to-quality ratio.

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