mate-ouvert-opt-993.jpg Mate or Yerba Mate originates from South America where, in many countries, it is the national drink (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, southern Brazil...). It comes from a kind of holly (Ilex paraguariensis). It was already cultivated by the Guarani and the Tupi in southern Brazil before the arrival of the settlers.

The leaves and twigs are harvested and often cut and dried over a wood fire. This gives it a smoky note. It is then matured for several months or even years. It is found in irregular pieces and strong in taste (from powder to pieces, for example Rosa Monte Especial) or in homogeneous leaves and with a soft infusion (for example Mate from Brazil).

Very strong in caffeine, it is a powerful stimulant. It is considered a companion to cut hunger or to make great efforts. It seems to possess many beneficial aspects for health.

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