Oolong tea


Originally from the Wu Yi mountain, in Fujian province, Oolong tea (Wulong, blue-green tea, semi-fermented tea) has become a great specialty of China since the Song dynasty (960-1279). The main producing regions are in mainland China and the island of Taiwan. Some come from the province of Canton. Others come from northern Thailand.

After withering, gentle rolling, carried out by shaking on wicker baskets, begins the oxidation of the leaves. These are partially fermented either in the Chinese way between 12 and 20% or in the Taiwan style between 60 and 70%. Each of these methods is used in both Taiwan and mainland China.

The taste of Oolong is a perfect balance between the fresh scents of green teas and the round, deep aroma of black teas. It is characterized by voluminous and always whole leaves. A slightly caramelized and flowery flavor emerges from the infusions, the color of which varies from light orange brown to amber brown.

Often considered close to green tea for its therapeutic virtues, Oolong teas reduce fat and flush toxins from the body, guaranteeing a good balance. Oolong tea is suitable for all hours of the day, can accompany meals and is often drunk in the afternoon.

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