Rooibos , also called Roibush, red tea or sometimes Massai tea, is a drink originating from a specific region of the Cederberg mountains in South Africa. It comes from a shrub (Aspalathus linearis) which is not very tall and narrow. It does not contain theine but different beneficial components. The shrub is pruned at its base and is completely cut into small pieces. It is then fermented, which gives it its red color. It also exists in non-fermented form (green rooibos - which serves as the basis for our Summer Solstice blend).

Our selection offers natural rooibos , honeybush (a cousin, which grows nearby with a fresher and slightly tangy flavor, with notes of clementine, pear and banana) and a selection of creations flavored with spices and fruits. .

To find out more about rooibos, go to our dedicated page.

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