Tea for gastronomy

Quality tea has become a must for a successful customer experience.

More than just a detail, it's a sign of the attention an establishment pays to its customers, setting it apart in a way that's both concrete and refined. Our Tea House will work with you, one cup at a time, to offer your customers the very best.

thés pour professionnels

For more than twenty five years, our company has been supplying professionals in the gastronomy sector: cafés, tea rooms, hotels, restaurants and Michelin-starred restaurants with high quality tea offering. We are committed to finding the most appropriate solution, from product selection to training your teams for the tea service.

  • Premium teas & herbal teas
  • Hermetically sealed packaging
  • Special prices for professional partners
  • Fast delivery by Priority Post
  • Reliability and consistency
  • Swiss attention to detail

Our mission is to offer a unique choice of teas and infusions from around the world, with the aim of creating a special moment with every cup. That's why we carefully select our products from the best gardens and develop a wide assortment of tempting blends to take you on a journey. We pay particular attention to the packaging of our products throughout the production chain, so that our teas retain all their flavour right through to the cup.

- These establishments trust us -

thés pour restaurant suisse

Swiss Tea House since 1998

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