A little introduction to tea


Le T offers a large selection of top-of-the-range and varied teas from the best gardens.

The T exclusively features premium loose leaf teas - no bagged teas:

Quality loose leaf tea tastes better than bagged teas. There are several reasons for this finding.
- Tea needs a lot of room to infuse
- The freshness of the leaves decreases with the manipulations necessary to make the bags.
- Conservation is more difficult
- In the sachets, only a fine granularity of the sheets allows their manufacture (sheet in very small pieces)
- Mass production, cost imperatives, poor quality of the basic teas used...
In short, we don't have any to offer you!
On the other hand, you can prepare your own bag with quality tea! It's especially convenient on the go and lets you enjoy your favorite drink on vacation.

tea leaves in the sun

So we offergreen teas from Japan and China that combine subtlety and pleasure.

Vigorous and strong black teas (from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Japan and China) .

Oolong teas (from Taiwan, mainland China or Thailand) balanced between the finesse of Green Tea and the power of Black Tea.

Light, sweet and delicious white teas ( from Fujian in China).

P'uh-êhr teas (from Chinese Yunan) with a surprising taste of clay or earth, excellent for digestion.

We also have a large selection of scented teas with countless facets, inviting you to dream.

Our infusions, our rooibos, our mate as well as fruit and spice blends complete the range .

The leaves are mostly picked by hand and processed in an artisanal manner. We carefully put them in airtight packages. We thus guarantee ideal conservation.

You will find more information on each type of tea by following the following links:

For the beneficial effects of tea and tea in sport, follow the following link: tea, health & sport.

To properly prepare your hot or cold tea, follow the following link:how to prepare tea

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