Green tea


Preferably harvested on hills often shrouded in fog, it has been the favorite drink of the Chinese and Japanese for centuries. A large part of its production is destined for the internal market.
The West discovered green tea for its subtle flavor and many beneficial characteristics.

Green tea is unfermented. It undergoes rapid processing directly after picking.

Thus the taste and the active elements of green tea remain close to the plant in its natural state.

The best green teas are picked in the spring, early in the picking season. Each year the new harvest is impatiently awaited because it reveals fresh scents that are very popular and present only for a limited period. We make it a point of honor to renew our best green teas annually despite the many logistical difficulties.

The leaves are withered, heated for a few seconds, which inhibits the enzymes, then rolled and dried to avoid any fermentation. The Japanese green tea leaves are steamed to allow a more marked rolling without starting the fermentation.

The various flavors require an experienced palate to appreciate their nuances.

The color of the dry leaf varies from white to dark green. The infused leaf becomes pale green, the infusion is green, limpid and clear.

The two main families of quality green tea are:

Chinese green tea : Beautiful whole leaves, treated by hand which reveal their fine and flowery fragrance in several infusions.

Japanese green tea : More refined, it has leaves of different sizes which give a bright green color and a more powerful floral and vegetal scent than Chinese green tea. The facets of its aromas are complex and evolve in the mouth.

Green tea will reveal its beauty to you if you prepare it with love, according to the rules of the art.

A small teapot with matching bowls works well for his privacy. Pay attention to the quality of your water and not to exceed the maximum temperature of 65°C for Japanese green teas and 70°C for Chinese green teas. For more details: tea preparation .

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