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Puits du Dragon Finest 2022
Puits du Dragon Finest 2022
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Dragon Well - Long Jing - Finest 2024

Chinese Garden Green Tea

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Pre-Qingming picking - Shiefeng appellation

Dragon Well tea, also known as Long Jing (龙井) , is the most popular Chinese green tea. If Puits du Dragon teas already enjoy an undeniable reputation, this vintage tea, fresh from the start of the season, makes it an incomparable and extremely rare tea, resulting from the prestigious picking before the first rains of spring, in the famous Pic region. of the Lion of Zhejiang Province.

It is traditionally dried in a wok, with a circular movement of the hand pressing it with the base of the thumb, which flattens and preserves the beautiful size of its leaves while giving it a toasted note of hazelnut and chestnut. Its delicate fragrance and clear, floral flavors make this tea no more and no less than our most exquisite Chinese green tea in our collection.

Its aroma and taste reach a finesse and length in the mouth whose exceptionality connoisseurs will savor. Pre-Qingming picking, 29 Match - 01 April 2024.

Find our video on this subject and our advice for preparation here .

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