Teas & Infusions

This page brings together all our loose teas and infusions . Our House carefully selects teas from the best gardens around the world - in particular: Japan, India, China, Sri Lanka, Taiwan - and develops a wide range of blends inviting you to travel. Our mission is to create a special moment for each “tea moment” and thus make the link between the ancestral art of tea, the well-being that accompanies it and the frantic pace of modern Western life.

Tea is something delicate, sensitive to air, light, surrounding odors, etc. This is why we make it a point of honor not only to select and develop the best products, but also to pack and store them extremely carefully. So that all the flavor of the tea is found in your cup.

You will find great vintages of different kinds of teas: white teas , green teas , oolong teas , black teas , Pu-erh teas and smoked teas . Each harvest we offer has been carefully tasted and selected by our team. Like a sommelier who selects the best wines for his customers. In addition, we are proud to offer you a complete range of aromatic creations signed by our House. From Earl Gray to Moroccan Mint tea to the famous jasmine teas . Flavored white teas , flavored green teas , flavored oolong teas , flavored black teas .

Lovers of herbal teas/infusions are not left out. Our offer also includes herbal infusions , fruit-based infusions , spice-based infusions as well as Rooibos . These products are particularly suitable for a relaxing break, without caffeine.

We hope that you will find as much pleasure in tasting our products as we had in selecting them for you. Happy discovery and tasting!

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