Tea accessories


To give maximum pleasure while preparing your tea

Tea requires careful preparation . In addition to the specific instructions for each tea family and the instructions given on each of our packets, certain accessories can be very useful for successful tea.

Combine business with pleasure

Our choice of accessories is based on functionality/ease of use before finding the most aesthetic items.



Glass and stainless steel design: Our MONO teapots combine a modern and sober design with ideal tea preparation. In glass, they allow you to infuse all teas. They are easy to wash and dishwasher safe. The glass insulates well and keeps the tea at a good temperature.

Their large metal filter leaves plenty of room for the leaves to unfold and develop their flavor. The filter goes low in the teapot. It lets liquid through very well.

For each teapot there is - separately - an elegant stainless steel saucer and spare glasses.

This teapot makes it very easy to infuse and reinfuse.



WAZUQU cast iron

Wazuqu is a prestigious brand of Japanese cast iron whose traditional manufacture dates back to 1604. The Master Founders have been in the same family for 15 generations and guarantee the quality of our teapots.

Wa-Zuqu cast iron has a high purity. The shapes and the finish are particularly neat.

We have more than 60 different models imported directly from the manufacturing workshop.





These double-walled metal teapots keep tea hot AND tasty longer than other types of teapots. They are in stainless steel. Their very neat Dutch design guarantees quality. You can add a high-performance filter to complete this useful, practical and elegant accessory.





Filter your tea well

Conical permanent filters are particularly practical and of good quality.

The very fine steel mesh hardly let anything solid through.

They serve just as well in a mug/cup as in a teapot.

Their conical shape lets the tea swim and cleans easily.

A small lid turns into a saucer to place the filter after infusion.

Various items of different sizes and appearances are available .


entrelac teapot filter 01.jpg

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