White Tea

From a very limited production, white tea is the most natural. Once picked, it is simply withered and dried. Its name probably comes from the pale color of the infusion. The superior quality of this tea can be recognized by its downy white buds. White tea crops are mainly found in Fujian province.

White Tea is enjoyed calmly by taking the time to prepare it carefully. The infusion lasts 7 to 15 minutes and the infusion temperature is low (70°C). Very refreshing, it reduces body heat and is often drunk in summer. Its subtle taste requires a trained palate. We are proud to be able to offer you harvests of great wines such as Aiguille d'Argent (Yin Zhen) , Moonlight Beauty and White Peony (Bai Mu Dan) . Finesse and subtlety invite you to a moment of escape.

Also find our flavored white teas . Désir Velouté is a special blend of White Peony with vine peach and apricot. Aiguille d'Argent with Jasmine is a tea flavored artisanally in China in the purest traditions.

To find out more about what white tea is, go to our dedicated page .

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