Matcha (抹茶, literally "ground tea") is a powdered green tea, originally used in the famous the tea ceremony in Japan. The tea leaves are ground into a fine powder which does not steep, but which must be mixed with water at a maximum of 60°C and whisked. To do this, we traditionally use the Chawan (茶碗 - bowl), theChashaku (茶杓 - bamboo spoon) and the Chasen (茶筅 - bamboo whisk) until a uniform and foamy liquid is obtained. Matcha is said to be beneficial for both physical fitness and concentration. Its use today extends to the four corners of the world, from ceremonial tasting to confectionery.

Which Matcha to choose?
If you prepare your matcha with water only, we recommend using Imperial Matcha (ceremonial matcha). Its finesse and taste palette being of exceptional quality, you will thus fully benefit from it.

If you opt for a matcha latte, our Plain Matcha will do just fine. It represents a good compromise of quality at an affordable price.

How to prepare Matcha tea?
Find all the information needed for preparation on our “ How to prepare Matcha tea? ” page.

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