Green tea

Often sought after for their health benefits, green teas are rich in antioxidants and theanine. However, they are above all marvels to taste if they are prepared correctly. Contrary to popular belief, green tea does not release bitterness if it is infused at the right temperature and respecting its infusion time (everything is explained on our “ Tea preparation ” page).

The best green teas are picked in spring, early in the picking season. Each year, the new harvest is eagerly awaited, as it reveals fresh, sophisticated and highly prized scents for a limited period only. We make it a point of honor to select ourselves each year among hundreds of samples from the best gardens, the great wines that we wish to offer you. This assortment evolves from year to year depending on the quality of the harvests.

It is best to drink green teas young to get all their flavors. Ideally a few months after harvest. Properly stored, they can still be delicious for around two years.

Below, you will find various grand crus from Japan (Gyokuro, Matcha, Sencha, Genmaicha, Kabuse, ...), China (Finest Dragon Well, Monkey Garden, Siprale en Jade, Vert d'Anhui, .. .) and scented creations .

To find out more about green tea, go to our dedicated page.

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