Recipe - Green asparagus in Genmai-cha tea flavored oil


For 6 people as a starter or for 4 as a main course with rice or small roasted potatoes as an accompaniment.

1 dl sunflower oil

2 tbsp. at s. Genmai-cha Finest tea

50g pine nuts

1 kg green asparagus

200 g spinach

Prepare the scented oil: in a small saucepan put the oil and the tea. Heat over low heat until small bubbles form. Put aside.

In a small pan put a little oil, add the pine nuts and stir constantly until they are golden brown. Place on absorbent paper and sprinkle lightly with fleur de sel.

In a wok, brown the trimmed and chopped asparagus in a little butter or ghee (clarified butter). Add a little vegetable stock. When they are almost cooked, add the spinach and fry for a few minutes. Salt and pepper.

Divide the asparagus between plates, sprinkle with pine nuts and drizzle with fragrant oil, taking a little tea leaves and puffed rice.

Recipe by Isabelle - le T

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