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Gift Box: Cold Brew Set
Gift Box: Cold Brew Set
Gift Box: Cold Brew Set
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Gift Box - Cold Brew Set


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Cold brew set.

Discover a new way to enjoy tea with this cold brew set. It includes a 75cl Hario bottle, a “Summer Solstice” rooibos (theine-free) and two teas “Farandole” and “OK - Ice tea”. A particularly refreshing selection.

1x Hario 75cl green bottle
1x OK - Ice Tea
1x Farandole
1x Summer Solstice
3x Golden tweezers for closing tea packets
1x Explanatory leaflet to easily make your cold tea

How to make cold brew?

Brewing tea cold does not differ much from brewing it hot. To compensate for the lower water temperature, the tea simply needs to be steeped for longer. We recommend waiting at least 3 hours for infusion in the refrigerator. The infusion can be prolonged without fear because the bitterness of the tea will only develop very slowly. Count around 8 to 10g per liter.

This way of infusing reveals a very pleasant taste palette, different from a hot infusion. There's nothing better than making your own cold tea and quenching your thirst!

Our video explanations on how to prepare your own cold tea at home .

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