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Pao Chung

Garden Oolong

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Pao Chung (包種茶 or “wrapped tea”) is an Oolong tea from Taiwan which owes its name to the custom of sending it, wrapped between two sheets of bamboo paper, to the emperor. This very high-end lightly fermented tea (12 to 20%) is remarkable for the sumptuous blue-green color of its leaves. Its sweet aroma of great refinement gives notes that are honeyed, flowery and fruity, giving it a delectable complexity. A tea of precious rarity.

Oolong tea or Wu Long (乌龙, literally black dragon) also called blue-green tea, is a tea of Chinese origin (particularly from Fujian and Taiwan) whose whole leaves have the particularity of being withered and slightly rolled to promote their oxidative fermentation (or oxidation). Halfway between green tea (unfermented) and black tea (completely fermented), oxidation will give the tea its characteristic dark color and develop a great complexity of new aromas.

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