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Kenilworth Mid-Grown OP Ceylon

Garden Black Tea

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This black tea comes from the Mid Grown garden of Kenilworth, one of the most renowned in Ceylon. Its quality gives the power of its woody notes the right balance of intensity and sweetness. We happily drink it either lightly infused without any addition or powerfully infused with a little milk. Cold, whole milk should be put at the bottom of the cup before pouring in the hot tea!

The OP grade (for Orange Pekoe) designates a tea of great finesse (Orange means "royal", named after the Dutch Oranje Nassau dynasty), made up of the terminal buds of the tea plant in whole leaves (Pekoe, from the Chinese dialect of Xiamen “pek-ho” meaning “white flowers”, in reference to the silky white of the buds). From manual picking and orthodox production.

Ceylon tea is a black tea originating from Sri Lanka. Coming from a long tradition dating from the mid-19th century, then popularized by Thomas Lipton, it is drunk today in the four corners of the world and is characterized by a strong and robust taste. It is classified according to the altitude at which the tea grew, which is proportional to its potency of taste: Low Grown below 600 meters, Mid Grown between 600 and 1200 meters and High Grown above.
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