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Japanese tea smoked with sakura wood

Smoked Tea

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Magnificent tea smoked with Japanese cherry wood (sakura in Japanese), both powerful in taste and soft in structure. A sophisticated smoked tea of very high quality. This is a unique and exceptional tea!

The dynamic farmer, Hiroki Matsumoto, started from the observation that there were already many producers of very good quality tea in his prefecture of Shizuoka. He therefore decided to innovate and offer totally different products to tea lovers. In particular, smoked teas, which is unheard of in Japan.

Among these numerous creations, we have selected our favorite: a magnificent Japanese black tea smoked with Sakura wood, both powerful in taste and soft in structure. If it recalls flavors of Chinese smoked teas like Lapsang Souchong , it surprises with the harmonious relationship between black tea and smoke. A woody, balanced tea, long in the mouth.

It will gladly accompany your brunches or piece of chocolate. A tea off the beaten path, which deserves to be tasted and savored.

This Japanese Tea smoked with Sakura Wood has the lightest smoky taste, the sweetest among our offer. The order of increasing potency of our smoked teas is as follows: Steppe Wizard (flavored), Japanese Tea smoked with Sakura wood , Grand-Ma Mareille ,The Great Caravan and Lapsang Souchong .

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