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Disc of the 7 Finest Sons 2014 - Shu

Pu-erh tea

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This magnificent high quality matured Pu-erh tea (shu) (2014) owes its name to the tradition of packaging it in batches of seven discs to offer as a gift to young couples to wish them to give birth to seven sons (which once ensured the prosperity of the lineage). Enhanced here by a long maturation of several years, its taste of earth and humus has gained depth and its structure has been enriched with a new clarity.

Pu-erh tea or PuErCha (普洱茶) in Chinese, originated in the province of Yunan, in the city of the same name, and refers to a family of teas that have undergone anaerobic fermentation. The leaves of the Camellia Sinensis tea plant, native to this region of Asia, are pressed into cakes, nests or even in bulk and will ferment without oxygen for a long time. The result is a lively tea, improving with age, with a characteristic taste and without bitterness, whose virtues are prized. Pu-erh is divided into two categories: matured Pu-erh (shu), where the tea has been previously fermented (in piles) and raw Pu-erh (sheng), which is, according to the ancestral method, immediately compressed. .

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