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DUO box set: Christmas


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Wonderful gift set consisting of the legendary Christmas Tea & Christmas Star - a caffeine-free blend of rooibos and honeybush. This premium box includes two metal boxes and tweezers to guarantee ideal product preservation.
Our Christmas Tea stands out thanks to the quality of its black tea serving as the base of the mixture: a Keemun from the Anhui province in China. It is accompanied by sunflower flower, cinnamon, pieces of apple, orange, almond, rose leaf as well as aromas. A must have for the holidays!
Christmas star, made from rooibos and honeybush. These two plants come from South Africa and are scented with warm scents of cinnamon and orange enhanced with sweet fennel, licorice, anise seed, star anise, safflower and natural flavors. A 100% natural and caffeine-free blend, perfect to be enjoyed in the evening.

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