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Gyokuro No. 1 Finest 2023, Yabukita, Ureshino, Japan

Japanese Garden Green Tea

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A vintage Gyokuro, picked entirely by hand and from Mr. Aikawa's traditional Ureshino garden.

One of the most sumptuous teas in our collection, a grand cru with a fragrance like no other and whose rarity is matched only by its excellence. A symphony of vegetal power and sweet, harmonious notes.

Of a quality comparable to Imperial Gyokuro . It is more vibrant and frank in its taste. More green and iodized, but with a less milky infusion. They are both among the best Gyokuro in the country, each with their respective characters.

What is Gyokuro?
Gyokuro (玉露) or "precious dew", is one of the most esteemed green teas in Japan. Its culture has the particularity of being done, during the three weeks preceding its picking, in the shade of rice mats. Thus sheltered from the sun, the tea develops a large quantity of chlorophyll and L-theanine offering a deep green infusion and a unique flavor. This exceptional tea will amaze you with its complexity of fragrance, its richness in the mouth and its depth of taste.

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