Le T offers a wide selection of high-quality and varied teas from the best gardens. We can suggest

  • Green teas from China and Japan that combine sophistication and fun
  • Black teas (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and China) vigorous and strong
  • Oolong teas (Taiwan or mainland China) balanced between the fineness of green tea and the strength and black tea
  • White teas light, sweet and tasty
  • Pu-erh Tea (Yunan China) surprising taste of clay or earth, good for digestion

We also have a large selection of scented teas with innumerable facets, inviting you to dream.
Our herbal teas, our rooibos, mate as well as our fruits and spices blends complete the range.

The leaves are harvested mostly by hand and processed using traditional methods. We put them carefully in sealed packages. This guarantees ideal storage conditions.

You can find more information about each type of tea in our section tea families.

For the beneficial effects of tea and in particular tea in sport, see: tea, health & sport.