Tea Preparation

We indicate on the label of each package the temperature and infusion time specific to each tea. Green and white teas require that special attention be given to the temperature. Otherwise the leaves may “burn” and so lose their scent and become acidic and bitter.

  • Choose an odor-free teapot. The smaller the volume, the easier it is to master the temperature and infusion time. Allow enough room for the leaves so that they can expand properly; choose a large filter which does not compress the leaves (no small tea-egg please…).
  • If possible, warm the teapot and cups with hot water before hand.
  • The amount of tea required is proportionate to the size of the teapot and according to your taste. Its weight depends on the density of the tea (which may be compressed): one to three tea spoons for 2.5dl or about 6 to 10 grams per liter.
  • Pour lime-free water at the proper temperature. Non-calcareous water (i.e. filtered) allows the flavors to develop better (especially for white and green teas as well as for the Darjeelings)
  • In order to obtain a temperature of 70 ° C for the green and white teas: Pour first a quarter of cold water  and then add three quarters of boiling water.
  • Infuse for the time indicated on the package. The longer the brewing the more bitter the taste.

How to have nice hollidays?

To drink your favorite tea while traveling, it is easy to take tea in its original silver bag simply clipped with pliers and paper bags lockable to fill yourself. You just have to find some hot water in a cup …

Le minimum pour un bon thé en déplacement!


  • When using good quality white, green, Oolong and Pu-erh tea-leaves, they can be brewed several times following the above procedure, two to four times during the following half-day. Drain well between infusions.
  • You can vary the amount of leaves and the brewing time according to your taste.

Ice Tea Preparation

See our video on how to prepare our great Ice-Tea portions (already sweetened).

Green Tea Farandole Portions and Black Tea OK Portions

It is as well simple to make great Ice-Tea from most of our teas.

Ice-Tea can be prepared either as cold infusion (overnight in the fridge) or as a hot  infusion with rapid cooling (add ice-cubes).

We can then add sugar, lemon- or orange-slices, fresh mint leaves…

Delicious and refreshing!