Grands Crûs -

Tea of Pure Origin:

2018 harvest:

Darjeeling Black Teas:

Thurbo Moonlight First Flush: a rarity with fantastic taste.


Avongrove First Flush Nature: delicious First Flush 2018




Japanese Green Tea 2018:

We received some of our  2018 green teas!

Gyokuro n°2 Nature
Gyokuro n°3 Nature
Sencha n°1 Fukamushi
Sencha n°2 Fukamushi
Sencha n°3 Nature
Sencha n°4 Nature




Chinese Green Tea 2018:

Dragonwell’s Finest 2018

A rarity with subtile taste…

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Thailand Oolong:

Rhuan Zhe Jade

Light and delightful

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Rhuan Zhe Ambre

Strong & sophisticated

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