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Tea Discovery

With french texts

Les Grands Jardins

“The taste of great garden teas”
Thé Vert Japonais – Sencha Yutakamidori
Thé Vert Chinois – Puits du Dragon First Grade
Thé Oolong de Chine – Déesse de Fer
Thé Noir d’Assam – Inde -  Koomsong
Brochure : Introduction aux familles de thés (caractéristiques, préparation, aspects salutaires)


Mille Parfums

“Four nice scented teas”
Matilda’s Tea (thé noir, canelle, orange, rose)
Babouchka (thé noir 7 agrumes)
Mélodie du Désert (thé vert et menthe Nana)
Milk Oolong (thé Oolong note lactée)
Brochure : Introduction aux familles de thés (caractéristiques, préparation, aspects salutaires)



“Herbal teas for a relax discovery!”
Harmonie : Mélange naturel de plantes qui compose une boisson équilibrée, douce et apaisante.
Gingembre & Compagnie :Mélange naturel de plantes avec une note de gingembre fraîche et désaltérante.
Parfum d’Afrique : Rooibos parfumé à la cannelle et à l’orange. Parfum chaud et fruité. Le rooibos (buisson rouge en Afrikaans) est une plante d’Afrique du Sud pleine de bons nutriments.
Ile Tropicale : Mélange de fruits exotiques qui vous dépayse agréablement.
Brochure : Introduction aux familles de thés
(caractéristiques, préparation, aspects salutaires)








Homemade Ice-Tea

New portions with sugar

The real Ice-Tea must be done freshly not from an extract (liquid or solid) but from the tea-leaves directly. And it needs to have neither conservative nor colorant.

We offer two ice-teas:

Greentea Farandole in ice-tea portions.

Blacktea OK in ice-tea portions.

We published a nice video to show how to prepare our portions.

This is the simplest way to homemade ice-tea!



Puh-erh Tea

New cakes of Pu-erh tea

Fermenting this tea without air confers its unique characteristics.

  • It has a note of earth
  • It preserves well and can improve with time
  • It does not get bitter
  • It is excellent for digestion
  • It regulates the liver
  • It is good against certain types of migraine

Raw Pu-erh is made from raw / green tea and it matures slowly, it remains clear and soft. Matured Pu-erh, on the other hand is black through its manufacturing process because it was quickly matured (a few weeks) in a heap, by avoiding oxidation, before being eventually compressed and dried.

More information on the characteristics of Pu-erh

We have two new cakes of Pu-erh in our assortment:

Pancake of Raw Tea

Pancake of compressed, very good quality raw tea. Its taste is light and green for a Pu-erh because its leaves did not go under early fermentation.



Pancake of Matured Tea

Pancake of compressed, excellent quality tea. Its has a soft taste with a note of earth. Produced from matured tea.






Japanese specialty


the sweet scent of enchanting Japanese spring cherry-tree.









Chinese specialty

Milk Oolong

caramelized notes and gentle floral fragrance mingles with Oolong tea.


Galette de P'uh-Êhr cru