Tea requires careful preparation. In addition to the specific instructions for each tea family and instructions given on each package, some accessories are very useful for a successful tea


Our range includes Yixing, MONO, Wazuqu and Bredemeijer.


Original Yixing Terracotta

The original clay from Yixing China has the greatest capacity to absorb the flavor of the tea due to its high porosity. The walls are modeled with fine art and precision.

These pots can make tea perfectly but must be seasoned and therefore may not be suitable for all tea types. The teapots are simply rinsed with water after use.

We currently have only few Yixing for sales. We hope to have more available soon.





Design of glass and stainless steel: The modern and beautiful design of MONO teapot goes along with an ideal tea preparation. The glass enables one to brew all type of tea. Its large metal filter allows the leaves to freely unroll and develop their taste. The filter sits low in the teapot. The liquid flows very smoothly. Glass insulates and keeps the tea at a good temperature. The parts can be washed easily even in a dishwasher.

The tea brews well and can be easily used again if tea-type allows.

A separate elegant stainless steel bowl holds the filter when the infusion is finished.

Replacement glasses are available as well.








WAZUQU is a prestigious brand of iron casting. It has been manufactured in a traditional way since 1604. Cast iron master craftsmen from 15 generations of the same family guarantee the quality of our teapots.

Cast iron “Wa-Zuqu” equals high purity of materials, fine shape and neat finishing.

We have over 60 different models imported directly from the workshop.












These double-walled metal teapots keeps the tea hot AND fine longer than any other types of teapots. They are made of stainless steel. Very neat Dutch design guarantees its quality. A good filter complements this useful, practical and elegant accessory.

Our Bredemeijer teapots



















Conical filters

Teeli permanent filters are particularly useful and of good quality. The fine steel mesh lets virtually nothing solid pass through.

They sit well in a mug / cup and in a teapot. Their conical shape allows the tea leaves to swim around and the filter can be cleaned easily. A small plastic cover turns into a saucer to put under the filter after brewing.

Teeli two sizes (M and L) are available.